Tristan Laflamme-Millette




Tristan Laflamme-Millette (b. 1996) is the son of fellow sculptur Claude Millette. At 6 years old, a diagnosis of a brain tumor located in the optic chiasm caused a significant visual reduction and despite this, his interest and curiosity for the arts remained present. Works of Victor Vasarely, Paul-Émile Borduas, Jean-Paul Riopelle, Jean-François Provost and Laurence Nerbonne have always attracted him. As for sculpture, artists like Jacques Huet, Jules Lasalle, along with his father Claude Millette, inspire him. Since 2016, suffering from partial aphasia, his paintings and sculptures have become his writings, his unspoken words and thoughts that cannot clearly be translated into words – they are the stories the artist is able to communicate through his art.