Fenêtre Sur Le Monde

More Works By Tristan Laflamme-Millette Stainless Steel 2024
98 × 60 × 40 in 248.92 × 152.4 × 101.6 cm 200 lbs

About Fenêtre Sur Le Monde

Tristan Laflamme Millette is a talented young Quebecois painter and sculptor who like his father, the internationally acclaimed sculptor Claude Millette, creates unique abstract works. With this outdoor piece, hand forged from polished stainless steel, Millette is sharing his interpretation of the world as seen through a window (the meaning of the French title). A wavy edged solid rectangular piece that mimics the form of an open window sits at an angle inside a square frame on a stand. The ‘view’ seen through the open ‘window’ naturally changes depending on where the sculpture is installed.

“Sometimes light and delicate, sometimes dark and massive, my paintings and my sculptures remain the reflection of what lives in me, what concerns me and what stimulates me!” Tristan Laflamme Millette

Born in 1996 in Quebec, Tristan was immersed in the world of visual arts from a young age. His father, Claude Millette is a well-respected sculptor, his mother a teacher in Quebec. In spite of significant health challenges first diagnosed at age six, he pursued the arts—both painting and sculpture with intense interest. He has participated in numerous exhibitions in Quebec and his works are permanently on display at the Galerie Michel-Ange in Montreal.