More Works By Van Der Hout Ryan Mirror Finished and Powder Coated Steel 2022 93 × 74 × 14 in 236.22 × 187.96 × 35.56 cm $25,000

About Chromatica

As the sun moves through the sky, the mirrored lenses of Ryan Van Der Hout’s ‘Chromatica’ capture the light and cast colourful shadows. Van Der Hout’s powder-coated steel sculptures were inspired by his work as a professional photographer. For several months, he apprenticed under one of Canada’s best sculptors—Shayne Dark. His vision was to create pieces infused with light and motion. As a result, they are best viewed by walking around them.

“By stripping the work of art down to its formal components of colour, light and motion, the reverential effect of stained glass distills my photographic inquiries to their pure form.” Ryan Van Der Hout

He is a graduate of Ryerson's photography program having attained a BFA with Honours in 2009. Van Der Hout’s photo-based work has been exhibited in the U.K., New York and in Canada.