Ceramic Can of Paint and Brush

More Works By Victor Cicansky Ceramic 2004
14.25 × 14.25 × 6 in 36.2 × 36.2 × 15.24 cm

About Ceramic Can of Paint and Brush

Saskatchewan born sculptor Victor Cicansky creates whimsical, imaginative work rooted in a love of nature and gardening. This is one of a series of pieces he made, sculpted from clay of a paint can with a brush ‘stuck’ in a tomato. The bright colours—red, orange, blue and yellow add to the playful and cheerful disposition of his art.

"The source of my work is the garden of the mind. It's a place that goes beyond soil, plants, and insects. It's a rough and wild place where ideas grow and hybridize. It's a garden that provides me with a rich source of ideas that I fashion into a universe of personal expression." Victor Cicansky

A recipient of the Order of Canada for his contribution to the arts and education, Cicansky was born in Regina, Saskatchewan in 1935. After studying education at the University of Saskatchewan, he became an elementary school teacher for years. He first studied ceramic art in 1964, taught pottery and sculpture to high school students and obtained a Bachelor of Arts and Fine Arts in 1967. In California, he obtained a Master of Fine Arts. He continued to work on his own art during this time, finally becoming a member of the Fine Arts faculty at the University of Regina.
His work is held in both private and public collections in the US and Canada—The National Gallery of Canada, among them.