Presence Viktor Mitic

Mixed Media
104 × 58 × 42 inches
264.16 × 147.32 × 106.68 cm

Black, gold and red organic shapes bordered by white lines form a playful column in this outdoor sculpture by Viktor Mitic. Reminiscent of the style of 20th century French artist Jean Dubuffet, Mitic's work is likewise bold and playful. The sculpture’s glossy finish glints in the sun. “My goal with these is to showcase the universal human connection we are all a part of and if I can make a statement while doing so, even better.” Viktor Mitic Serbian-born Viktor Mitic earned a BFA from the University of Toronto in 1995 with studies in art history at Sheridan College. He has exhibited his post-Pop inspired paintings, prints and colourful abstract sculptures at the Muramatsu Gallery in Tokyo, The Armory Show in NYC, Art Chicago and in Toronto. His work is held in corporate, private and public collections.

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