ALICE TEICHERT: VISUAL POETRY August 18 - September 14 Alice Teichert is no ordinary painter. She is an artist who creates a space where painting + language + music = visual poetry. Her new exhibit at Oeno Gallery features ten text'paintings on canvas plus the 32-panel score from s'pos )in(, the new text'painting composition that she presents in a world premiere performance at the gallery on August 18. Teichert's paintings - intuitive, complex and sensual - speak in a lyrical vocabulary of graphic notations fused with high colour and translucent glazing. Distinguished art critic, Ken Carpenter, praises her work as "a fluid language that moves our souls" where "abstraction, especially, is a spiritual experience, always alive and full of endless promise, with destinations yet unknown." Exhibition open daily: August 18 - September 14, 10am - 6pm; 10am - 8pm Fridays and Saturdays