Solitude? Company? Sensuality? Colour? Heat? Work? Literature? Music? New paintings by JT Winik, Christopher Langstroth, Ivo Stoyanov and Scott Pattinson continue to produce strong works that explore issues of relationship, play, silence and solitude through composition, light and colour. Sylvain Louis-Seize's new series of photo-based works confront and exploit new technologies. These works - printed on steel - are suitable for indoor or outdoor installation. Several new glass art pieces by Catherine Vamvakas Lay and John Paul Robinson have just arrived at the Gallery.New sculptures by Sophie DeFrancesca, Edward Falkenberg, Po Chun Lau, Nancy Zboch and Camie Geary-Martin are also on display. METROSPECTIVE: GRAHAM METSON - at John M. Parrott Gallery, Belleville until Feb. 25