• Artist Kenneth Emig Selected for SAW Prize for new works 5 November 2020

    KE YellowAlcove

    Pictured "Yellow Alcove" by Kenneth Emig. 

    SAW Gallery announces winners of the SAW Prize for New Works


    By Apartment613 on November 2, 2020



    25 artists in Ottawa-Gatineau have earned the inaugural SAW Prize for New Works.


    Artists and makers from Ottawa-Gatineau and the surrounding First Nations were invited to submit their applications for this production program, which will lead to public presentations at SAW in 2021.


    When SAW reopens to the public, the winners will gain access to the centre’s various spaces for rehearsals and testing out new ideas, including its exhibition spaces, the Nordic Lab screenprinting and production studios, and the Club SAW performance venue.


    The SAW Prize is geared toward artists who wish to expand their practice and explore new ideas during an extended period. This program is a rare opportunity for local artists to create new works with financial and organizational support. The winners each receive an artist fee of $1,500, a contribution of $500 toward equipment and/or materials, and access to SAW staff and office resources, including technical assistance. The winners have a period of six months to complete their projects.


  • Artnet News Celebrates Joe Fafard Exhibition 5 November 2020

    Saskatchewan Artist Joe Fafard Celebrated Rural Canadian Life in His Bronze Sculptures. 
    A new Artnet Article highlights the bringing together of dozens of the artist's charming bronze sculptures. 


  • Oeno Gallery is excited to announce a new online auction and sales platform, the Art House Atelier (AHA). 5 November 2020

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    Art House Atelier Launches Online Auctions Featuring Canadian Contemporary Art

    Oeno Gallery is excited to announce a new online auction and sales platform, the Art House Atelier (AHA). Art House Atelier’s online platform and app brings artists, galleries, and buyers together to make art purchases as simple and as enjoyable as possible.

    AHA has been created in response to the current challenges posed by the pandemic. Leveraging our considerable expertise, knowledge and success in online sales, Oeno Gallery has created AHA to help smaller galleries, emerging artists and established studios by offering a curated selection of artworks to a global audience. Many are from this region of Prince Edward County, but over the coming weeks, artists from other parts of the country will also be featured. This varied selection of Canadian artworks ranges in price from $200- $5,000 with a few works in the $5,000-$10,000 range.

     Art House Atelier welcomes Katy McIntyre as its Executive Director. Relying on extensive expertise in digital marketing and a master’s degree in arts and visual culture studies, Katy is well positioned to guide and promote AHA throughout the world.

     We invite you to visit www.arthouseatelier.com, and visit the current auction. Sign up to the email list to receive notices of subsequent auctions (https://mailchi.mp/c1a61fe7e4a5/art-house-atelier-signup). Over the coming weeks, works from several galleries, studios and artists will also be offered for sale on the site. 

    Click here to find out when our next auction is taking place: (https://auctions.arthouseatelier.com/

    This featured auction features painting, sculpture and photography by established artists. Art House Atelier brings artists, galleries, and buyers together to make art purchases as simple and as enjoyable as possible.

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  • Notice**  Virtual Lunches en francais to be rescheduled 5 November 2020

    Avis**  Déjeuner virtuel avec des artistes en français sera reportée. Our Virtual Lunch with Artists series en français will be rescheduled. Stay tuned to our social media posts and web site for info and how to register for upcoming conversations in French and English with artists, collectors and those in the know...

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  • Oeno Gallery welcomes artistic duo Gillie and Marc Schattner 5 November 2020

    Oeno Gallery is excited to announce that Gillie and Marc Schattner are now represented exclusively in Canada by the gallery. The Australian artistic couple has worked together for 27 years creating bronze sculptures and paintings that reflect their love for and commitment to each other and the environment.

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