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Join us 7 days a week to experience Oeno Gallery's Sculpture Garden at Huff Estates. Discover over 80 sculptures across 4 acres. This year, on its 15th anniversary, the gallery will celebrate its outdoor sculpture exhibition with a free, live jazz performance by David Mott, Jesse Stewart and Peter Lutek. The gallery invites you to come out on Sat. July 14 from 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm to meet this year's participating sculptors, explore the garden and sample County food and drink. As well, Oeno Gallery is offering guided tours of the Sculpture Garden, every Sunday starting May 27th through September 2nd from 1:30 pm to 2:00. Join us through the summer for an exciting adventure in art.

Oeno's Sculpture Garden at Huff Estates Winery opened on June 25, 2011. Designed as a place of discovery and contemplation, the Sculpture Garden at Oeno Gallery is a celebration of the interplay of dynamic art and the perennials that surround them. Work is installed in May, and we have a Garden Party to celebrate the artists in July. 

The Sculpture Garden is home to thousands of perennials. Designed by the late Drew MacCandlish, it embraces and celebrates dynamic works of art. The limestone, sand dune and grass paths lead over 4 acres to many points of discovery – groves of maples and poplars, a grapevine arbour, a herb garden, a spring-fed quarry, and Catharine’s Rose Garden.

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Over 60 sculptures will be located throughout the garden for 2017 – and many are available for purchase. This season, you can see work by Canadian sculptors Charlie Pachter, WW Hung, Dale Dunning, Marc Plamondon,  P. Roch Smith, Shayne Dark, Floyd Elzinga, Susan Rankin, Rick Lapointe, Mark Birksted, Ania Biczysko, Nicholas Crombach,  Susan Low-Beer, W.W. Hung, Don Frost,  Jeremy Guy, Ken Hall, Susan Valyi, Neil Clifford, Colm MacCool, Arthur Manyengedzo, Charles Nembaware, Marianne Reim, Terrance McGlade, and Tim Forbes.

“I’m most interested in creating the opportunity for people to experience the interplay between the colour and beauty of nature and the artists’ response to the different environments created by the ridge, the pond or the wind,” says gallery owner, Carlyn Moulton. “Each piece transforms its own area of the garden.”

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Experiencing sculpture in a beautifully designed environment doesn’t get more enjoyable – the grounds are licensed so you can buy a bottle of Huff Estates award-winning VQA wine, borrow a few glasses, and stroll the sculpture garden at your leisure.

“This is really just an extension of the way that our businesses have been collaborating and working together,” says Huff Estates Winery owner Lanny Huff. “We are getting over 30,000 people visiting the Estates every year now, and the Sculpture Garden gives our visitors another interesting experience.”

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While there is no admission to visit the gardens, it takes many hands working under the supervision of our head gardener Sue Hyatt to help keep the gardens going.

Visitors are asked for a donation for help support the upkeep of the garden.

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