Current Exhibitions

  • Summer Array Group Exhibition

    25 June 2022 — 5 September 2022

    This summer at Oeno, come inside to discover a ‘garden’ of earthly delights—our group show features curated works from eleven different talented artists. Each piece is as unique in colour, texture and form as nature's own handiwork. From inspiring landscapes and imaginative abstracts to playful pop, symbolic mixed media and nostalgic trompe l’oeil, there is something to entice everyone.

    Aron Hill, Jennifer Hornyak, Burton Kramer, Mel Davis, Peter Hoffer, Alice Vander Vennen, Heather Allen Hietala, Sophie DeFrancesca, Dmitry Yuzefovich, Julie Himel, and…

  • Outdoor Sculpture Garden Exhibition 2022

    16 May 2022 — 31 October 2022

    Celebrate Oeno Gallery's Sculpture Garden Exhibition 2022. Oeno Gallery opened its Sculpture Garden at Huff Estates in 2011 to provide a unique outdoor gallery for large scale artworks.

    On three acres of winding paths, abstract and figurative sculptures in steel, bronze and stone are framed by wild grasses, sage and lavender. Our newest feature is an interactive children's zone. Discover a lost world by uncovering fossils in our dino dig created by Research Casting International. Engage in your environment by spending time…

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  • Pat Service - OH YES

    10 September 2022 — 9 October 2022

    In art, as in life Pat shows the same diligence when it comes to painting-- spending hours in the studio every day. She is perhaps best known as one of Canada’s preeminent landscape artists. Oh Yes, Pat Service has been honing her skills for more than four decades. Her compositions are often lyrical—expressive—she masterfully plays with light and colour. She has reinvented herself many times over- moving from realism to impressionism, fauvism—think Matisse towards abstraction and minimalism.

Recent Exhibitions

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