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  • Yvonne Lammerich Now and Then: An Unfolding

    6 April 2024 — 5 May 2024

    For more than five decades, Yvonne Lammerich’s evocative contemporary artwork has explored the human journey and challenged our perceptions of how we occupy space and time. 

    The Canadian artist’s innovative and impressive portfolio has been an ‘unfolding’—an investigation of alternative outlooks through an artistic lens. This solo exhibition includes paintings and works on paper that offer a fresh, and imaginative perspective of our collective experience. Lammerich thinks of herself as a ‘visual philosopher’ and her visual style is non-representational and cross-cultural. She embraces a…

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  • Aron Hill: Mule with Transparent Pack and Rocks & Other Works

    11 May 2024 — 9 June 2024

    Join us for the opening reception on Saturday, May 11th from 2pm-4pm. Calgary-based artist, Aron Hill will be in attendance and giving a talk at 3pm.

    Aron Hill’s distinctive contemporary vision and style—their own unique approach to minimalist painting has taken another inspired turn. Known for their use of bold colours and clean graphic form, Hill’s recent compositions have found fresh inspiration in exploring a narrative that echoes their personal story. 

    Hill as an artist, an educator, and a writer added ‘parent’…

Upcoming Exhibitions

  • Pat Service: 90's Still Lifes - A Decade in Bloom

    11 May 2024 — 9 June 2024

    The ephemeral beauty of flowers inspired Pat Service to create her own series of still life paintings in the 1990’s. This series demonstrates her unique approach to the canvas,  and a  distinctive style recognizable in all her work— light and expressive brushstrokes, attention to colour, and a masterful sense of space and perspective.

    Lauded for her brilliantly realistic landscapes, the Canadian artist was moved to experiment with the historic art of painting floral arrangements which began as early as the 1700’s and was made popular by…

  • Summer Group Show

    15 June 2024 — 2 September 2024

  • Hampton's Fine Art Fair

    11 July 2024 — 14 July 2024


    7 September 2024 — 29 September 2024

  • Sasha Rogers

    5 October 2024 — 3 November 2024

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