Form. Figure. Gesture.

2 December 2017 — 28 January 2018

Form. Figure. Gesture., available for viewing on Dec. 2, 2017 through January 28, 2018, brings together five painters with distinctive styles - from poetic and poised to spontaneous and sensual.

Precise geometric forms in solid hues used by Canadian painters Burton Kramer and David Cantine - in Fugue No. 2 and Still Life in Gray - are at once an intellectual exploration of pictorial problems and sheer poetry. Skillfully painted and sensual, the intimate portraits by New Jersey painter Michelle Doll are rendered in warm translucent oils. Her Couples paintings, each depicting an intimate embrace, are highly realistic, tactile and immediate. The portraits of Rob by Kingston painter Dan Hughes are in keeping with the artist's developed sense of observational realism. Hughes, who received Honourable Mention at the 2017 Kingston Portrait Prize, captures a moment steeped in psychological tension. Structure intersects with abandon in the gestural paintings of Scott Pattinson whose abstract compositions in the new Ouvert paintings are a vigorous eddy of layered and brilliant brushstrokes. Some works in the series are powerfully atmospheric and all are narratives of the moments in which they were created.

Oeno Gallery is also pleased to present an ongoing exhibition of paintings by acclaimed Nova Scotia folk artist Maud Lewis. Created in bright, solid colors with a limited use of perspective, Lewis's paintings charm viewers with such subjects as winter landscapes with sleighs, yoked oxen and the seaside village of Sandy Cove.

New works for the Holiday Season include Roger Wood's steam punk inspired clocks, Mariel Waddell's sparkling glass bowls and Floyd Elzinga's collectible stainless steel pine cones.

Form. Figure. Gesture.



  • Still Life in Gray
    Still Life in Gray David Cantine $4,300
  • Fugue #2
    Fugue #2 Burton Kramer $10,200
  • Gray Still Life with Purples
    Gray Still Life with Purples David Cantine $4,300
  • Quatuor No 02
    Quatuor No 02 Alice Teichert Sold
  • Small Rob
    Small Rob Daniel Hughes Sold
  • Rob No. 3
    Rob No. 3 Daniel Hughes Sold
  • Rob No. 2
    Rob No. 2 Daniel Hughes Sold
  • Rob No. 1
    Rob No. 1 Daniel Hughes Sold
  • Aerial
    Aerial Alice Teichert Sold
  • Whisp
    Whisp Alice Teichert Sold
  • Mobile
    Mobile Alice Teichert Sold
  • Quatuor No. 1
    Quatuor No. 1 Alice Teichert Sold
  • Quatuor No. 3
    Quatuor No. 3 Alice Teichert Sold
  • Couple II
    Couple II Sold
  • Couple III
    Couple III Sold
  • Couple V
    Couple V Sold
  • Couple I
    Couple I Sold
  • Torrential Series Candy Red
    Torrential Series Candy Red Shayne Dark Sold
  • Torrential Series Bronze
    Torrential Series Bronze Shayne Dark Sold
  • Ouvert No 25
    Ouvert No 25 Scott Pattinson Sold
  • Ouvert No 18
    Ouvert No 18 Scott Pattinson Sold
  • Ouvert No 22
    Ouvert No 22 Scott Pattinson Sold
  • Summer Sun
    Summer Sun Burton Kramer Sold
  • Spirit and Passion
    Spirit and Passion Milly Ristvedt, RCA Sold
  • Dark Waters One
    Dark Waters One Grainne McHugh Sold
  • Metropolis
    Metropolis Grainne McHugh Sold
  • Seas Four Meters Building to Six
    Seas Four Meters Building to Six Grainne McHugh Sold
  • A L'Aube du Jour
    A L'Aube du Jour Philippe Pallafray Sold
  • Whisper 3/7
    Whisper 3/7 Dale Dunning Sold