Paul Fournier & Friends

28 May 2022 — 19 June 2022

Join us to view this special exhibition of works by Paul Fournier from The Aaron Milrad Collection this Saturday, May 28th, 2pm-4pm. 

A symphony of glorious colour, lyrical gestures, and expressive forms. This is the world of one of Canada’s most significant abstract artists-- Paul Fournier. Born in Simcoe Ontario in 1939, early in his career Fournier was described by the distinguished NY Art Critic, Donald Kuspit as an ‘exotic modernist.’ Fournier became known for his joyful use of bright Fauvist-like colours—inspired by the post-impressionist movement led by Matisse in France. Colour and abstract form allow Fournier to interpret his passion for the wonders of the natural world. In the 1960’s, Fournier’s unique, intuitive ‘language’ began within a group of gifted Toronto abstract expressionist painters—Milly Ristvedt, David Bolduc, and K.M. Graham among them. Oeno Gallery is privileged to present a collection of Paul Fournier’s work in concert with a few friends…a celebration of a career that has spanned more than six decades.

Exhibition Introduction from Aaron Milrad


  • The colours of summer expressed in generous brushstrokes of red, blue, yellow and mauve seem to float on a soft pink background.
    Summering Milly Ristvedt, RCA $26,000
  • Canadian painter Alex Cameron grew up with the smell of linseed oil in his home.
    Ambro Rollex Alex Cameron Sold
  • He was known as the ‘white painter’.
    Untitled Ronald Bloore Sold
  • Exclusively at Oeno gallery and for the first time in 50 years, Milly Ristvedt’s landmark ‘Highway paintings’ are available.
    Highway No. 5 Milly Ristvedt, RCA Sold
  • A painter’s palette of colour—brushstrokes of green, orange, red, blue, purple and yellow dance across a white canvas in this lively acrylic…
    White Sketch Milly Ristvedt, RCA Sold
  • Bright red dominates the canvas in this colourful composition by Paul Fournier.
    Anniversary Red Paul Fournier Sold
  • This joyful watercolour captures the magnificent colour and intriguing form of exotic birds in a garden.
    Bird Garden with Lovebirds Paul Fournier Sold
  • The intense orange of a tropical sun draws the viewer's eye to this gorgeous celebration of nature’s colours by Paul Fournier.
    Cape Coral Orange Paul Fournier Sold
  • In this playful and lyrical piece by Paul Fournier, a chorus line of dancers appears to move across the canvas.
    Chorus Line I Paul Fournier Sold
  • A gorgeous tropical landscape of colour inspired by a diver’s view of the sea is expressively rendered in this painting by Paul Fournier.
    Coral Shoal II Paul Fournier Sold
  • The vivid, saturated colours of the sea swirl around the paper in this mesmerizing painting by Paul Fournier.
    Crashing Reef Paul Fournier Sold
  • The wonders of the deep—the stunning colours and unique shapes of life beneath the sea are captured in this imaginative piece by Paul Fourni…
    Deep Wonder Paul Fournier Sold
  • Beneath a deep blue, cloudy sky, the bright colours of what appears to be a tropical landscape –red, yellow, purples and green pop from the …
    Flowering Coast Paul Fournier Sold
  • Paul Fournier captures the brilliant colours of nature in this beautiful homage to a summer garden in full bloom.
    Garden of Delight Paul Fournier Sold
  • In this elegant abstract painting by Paul Fournier, expressive brush strokes of colour--yellow, purple, turquoise, pink and red dance across…
    Kyoto Winter Paul Fournier Sold
  • Paul Fournier has captured the bright colours and motion of a sailboat regatta off the coast of Newport, Rhode Island in this delightful pai…
    Newport Sails #5 Paul Fournier Sold
  • The kaleidoscope of colours and the dynamic form of nature is expressed in this joyful celebration of nature.
    Red Cascade - Cypress Gardens Paul Fournier Sold
  • A bright red catamaran boat, white sails billowing is masterfully rendered in this delightful piece by Paul Fournier.
    Red Cat Paul Fournier Sold
  • The beauty of the natural world inspires Paul Fournier’s colourful abstract work.
    September's Garden Paul Fournier Sold
  • In this lyrical abstract composition by Paul Fournier shades of ocean blue, mauve, green, yellow, orange and red highlighted by white cascad…
    Sonata in Blue Paul Fournier Sold
  • Paul Fournier’s imaginative abstract paintings are often Inspired by the lyrical form and vivid colours of nature.
    Study #1 for Retrospective Suite Paul Fournier Sold
  • The hot, intense colours of the tropics saturate this stunning abstract painting by Paul Fournier.
    Summer Night in the Parrot Jungle Paul Fournier Sold
  • A riot of glorious colour splashes across the canvas in this beautiful painting by Canadian artist Paul Fournier.
    Tropic Noon Paul Fournier Sold
  • This expressive composition by Paul Fournier explores the colour spectrum as dashes of bright red, yellow, blue and green play off one anoth…
    Untitled Paul Fournier Sold
  • Ribbons of bright colours—orange, navy, green, pink and black fan out across the canvas in this dynamic acrylic painting by master abstract …
    Maverick Milly Ristvedt, RCA Sold
  • In the late 1960’s, abstract artist Milly Ristvedt had fallen in love with using raw canvas and her abstract form and colourful palette were…
    Uptown Milly Ristvedt, RCA Sold
  • Inspired by his exotic travels in Silguri, India, this gorgeous, joyful explosion of colour was painted by David Bolduc, a Canadian abstract…
    Siligury David Bolduc Sold
  • This charming colourful modernist composition by Kathleen Margaret Graham was inspired by nature.
    For Jack 20 of 90 KM Graham Sold