Paul Fournier & Friends

28 May 2022 — 19 June 2022

Join us to view this special exhibition of works by Paul Fournier from The Aaron Milrad Collection this Saturday, May 28th, 2pm-4pm. 

A symphony of glorious colour, lyrical gestures, and expressive forms. This is the world of one of Canada’s most significant abstract artists-- Paul Fournier. Born in Simcoe Ontario in 1939, early in his career Fournier was described by the distinguished NY Art Critic, Donald Kuspit as an ‘exotic modernist.’ Fournier became known for his joyful use of bright Fauvist-like colours—inspired by the post-impressionist movement led by Matisse in France. Colour and abstract form allow Fournier to interpret his passion for the wonders of the natural world. In the 1960’s, Fournier’s unique, intuitive ‘language’ began within a group of gifted Toronto abstract expressionist painters—Milly Ristvedt, David Bolduc, and K.M. Graham among them. Oeno Gallery is privileged to present a collection of Paul Fournier’s work in concert with a few friends…a celebration of a career that has spanned more than six decades.

Exhibition Introduction from Aaron Milrad