14 October 2023 — 12 November 2023

Sculpture —it is considered one of the oldest art forms. Carved from stone or wood, forged from metal, cast in bronze, moulded from glass, or created in paper mache, sculpting endures as an elegant and expressive art form. 

The age of  modern sculpture began in the mid 19th century with Auguste Rodin, the French artist who reimagined classical form into more naturalistic and unfinished shapes. By the 1940’s renowned British sculptors Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth were carving marble and forging bronze into contemporary abstract artwork. Innovators like Alexander Calder, an American sculptor, made modern form mobile by inventing wire sculptures —kinetic art in the 1930’s. The ‘modernists’ continue to inspire today’s sculptors. 

"I have always navigated the planet through visual experiences. Sculpture has allowed me to convey my thoughts and ideas through a visual and tactile medium." - Shayne Dark

Sculpture has endured as a beloved art form because it has the power to breathe life into an indoor space or transform the landscape by reacting to the natural dynamics of light, shadow, and wind.

Oeno Gallery is known for its unique contemporary sculpture from established artists across Canada and the U.S. SCULPT celebrates this important, historic artistic endeavour. Oeno’s exhibition showcases an exciting collection of indoor sculptures in a variety of mediums, approaches and aesthetics. This exhibiton features works by Alexander Caldwell, Nicholas Crombach, Shayne Dark, Stefan Duerst, Paul Duval, Lori Cozen-Geller, Jeremy Guy, Heather Allen Hietala, Claude Millette,  Rod Mireau, Viktor Mitic, Jean-Pierre Morin, Paula Murray, Jana Osterman, Philippe Pallafray, John Paul Robinson, Frances Semple, and Cheryl Wilson Smith.

Abstract, figurative, geometric, minimalist—so many inspired works to discover and love! Join us.