Art of Light: Alice Teichert and John Paul Robinson

5 March 2022 — 27 March 2022

In the light, luminous layers of glossy gel reveal hidden text and a tapestry of rich colour. Glass sculptures glow in the sunlight, as if from within. Artists have been using light in their work long before Leonardo da Vinci first studied it. Light. It’s the basis of our sight. Electromagnetic waves drifting through space.

Multi-disciplinary artist Alice Teichert applies layer upon layer of coloured gels playing with the reflection of light. In each gorgeous painting, veiled patterns appear that would otherwise be invisible. Shadows shift as the light changes. Images become multi-dimensional. Almost holographic. Iridescent.

John Paul Robinson captures the beauty of light in his elegant glass work. Rays of sunlight reflect off soft arches of glass. Light passes through translucent glass and is refracted or bent as it moves from the air to the object. The sculpture shines. Colour and shape are enhanced. Radiant.