Pat Service: 90's Still Lifes - A Decade in Bloom

11 May 2024 — 9 June 2024

The ephemeral beauty of flowers inspired Pat Service to create her own series of still life paintings in the 1990’s. This series demonstrates her unique approach to the canvas,  and a  distinctive style recognizable in all her work— light and expressive brushstrokes, attention to colour, and a masterful sense of space and perspective.

Lauded for her brilliantly realistic landscapes, the Canadian artist was moved to experiment with the historic art of painting floral arrangements which began as early as the 1700’s and was made popular by French artists Matisse, Manet and Cezanne. Like them, Service often created vignettes for each painting—a curated collection of objects set out on a table; the focal point being a stunning, colourful bouquet. The naturally complex form and remarkable colour of each flower presents the artist with an intriguing challenge. Service’s still life paintings are romantic, exquisitely detailed interpretations of an art form that has captivated artists and their admirers for centuries. 

“Whenever anyone brought me a lovely bouquet of flowers I would go crazy until I could get them to the studio; there I could paint them, drawing inspiration from their luxuriousness.” Pat Service  

The Oeno Gallery presents: 90's Still Lifes - A Decade in Bloom—paintings by Pat Service. 

May 11th-June 9th, 2024.