Summer Group Show 2021

9 July 2021 — 6 September 2021

This summer at Oeno Gallery we have an exciting group show featuring new artwork by nine artists: Paul Duval, Aron Hill, Jennifer Hornyak, Heather Allen Hietala, F. Lipari, Charles Pachter, Scott Pattinson, Rick Rivet, and Dmitry Yuzefovich. Through a breadth of representation styles and artistic mediums, this exhibition is a feast for the senses. Four artists - Aron Hill, F. Lipari, Rick Rivet, and Charlie Pachter - take fresh and distinct approaches to understanding and representing the Canadian landscape, including minimalist rural vistas, pop inspired or abstract colour field paintings, and political and historical interpretations.  Scott Pattinson has created new gestural abstract paintings that use wash effects, delicate black line work, and skilled restraint. Paul Duval and Jennifer Hornyak offer different takes on figuration: Hornyak with soft human forms in a commanding oil palette, and Duval through his elegant, elongated human forms deftly created in papier-mâché around a fine metal armature.  Lastly, Dmitry Yuzefovich espouses intriguing narratives of a time past in his beautifully crafted tromp-l’oeil paintings.