Ben Woolfitt - New Work and Book Launch

7 April 2018 — 29 April 2018

Oeno Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition of the dynamic work of Toronto-based artist Ben Woolfitt. Accompanying the exhibition is the book launch of Ben Woolfitt Paintings with essay by New York art critic Donald Kuspit and introduction by former editor of Canadian Art, Richard Rhodes. A cornerstone of Woolfitt's textured paintings and diaristic silver leaf and graphic works on paper is the therapeutic expression and analysis of emotions.

Ben Woolfitt Paintings cover med 



Ben Woolfitt - New Work and Book Launch



  • The Dawn Before Greatness
    The Dawn Before Greatness Sold
  • Odyssey II
    Odyssey II Sold
  • Radiant I
    Radiant I Sold
  • Radiant II
    Radiant II Sold
  • Radiant III
    Radiant III Sold
  • Radiant IV
    Radiant IV Sold
  • Splash
    Splash Sold
  • Odyssey I
    Odyssey I Sold
  • Radiant New York I
    Radiant New York I Sold
  • Radiant New York
    Radiant New York Sold