Go Your Own Way: Oeno Gallery in The Royal Annex

28 January 2023 — 6 March 2023

“Road trips – I love them – as long as I am the one who is driving and I am by myself. It makes for more of an adventure.”  Pat Service

Oeno Gallery proudly presents ‘Go Your Own Way,’ an exhibition that celebrates ‘the journey’ as reflected in the lyrical minimalist paintings of Canadian artist Pat Service. 

In vivid colours and simple, dynamic form Service engages the viewer in her visual adventure of the world with honesty and stunning clarity.

This series of paintings were created following several road trips the artist made driving through the Canadian landscape. They are her recollections of that joyful experience—the allure and freedom of the open road, getting lost and finding the way. As an artist, Pat Service continues to grow and evolve in exciting new directions. 

Who know what lies ahead?

Also included are 2 paintings by Sandra Meigs, another artist whose colourful, evocative abstract paintings have delighted viewers for more than thirty-five years. A visual feast—Meig’s playful and complex paintings often include key words such as ‘LOVE’—that help direct her upbeat narrative as well as the elegant intricately detailed ceramics of Loren Kaplan and the gorgeous light-filled glass works by Julia Reimer and John Paul Robinson.

Go Your Own Way’ has arrived!