Outdoor Garden Exhibition 2024

1 May 2024 — 31 December 2024

The garden boasts over 30 new sculptures this year. To enhance the experience for visitors, sculpture details and video stories can be easily accessed using a cell phone and clicking on QR codes located on outdoor sculpture signs.

Artists exhibiting this year are:

Ania Biczysko, BARKAS, Alex Caldwell, David Chamberlain, Nicholas Crombach, Shayne Dark, Stephan Duerst, Dale Dunning, Paul Duval, Clarke Ellis, Floyd Elzinga, Marie-Ève Fréchette, Jeremy Freiburger and Adam Monture, Tonya Hart, Ryan Van Der Hout, Melissa Joakim, Rob Lorenson, Fraser Radford, Jeff Gillmor, Jake Goertzen, William Greaves, Jeremy Guy, Marlene Hilton Moore, Jason Kimes, Stephane Langlois, Rob Lorenson, Colm MacCool, Jean-Francois Maheux and Nadia Mercier, Terence McGlade, Cynthia McQuillan, Claude Millette, Tristan Laflamme-Millette, Viktor Mitic, Jean-Pierre Morin, Charles Pachter, Philippe Pallafray, David Perrett, Laurence Petit, Susan Rankin, Julia Reimer, Michael Salisbury, Dave Sheridan, P. Roch Smith, Galina Stetco, Cheryl Wilson Smith, Natsuki Takauji, Eric Tardif, Rocco Turino, Alice Vander Vennen, Ulysses Veloso.

Artwork from the Sculpture Garden has been acquired for private gardens, institutions, golf courses, condos, public parks and botanical gardens. From Sarasota to Sri Lanka, the gallery has shipped work of all sizes and weights all over the globe.


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