Home and Native Land

27 June 2017 — 9 July 2017

Opening Tuesday, June 27 at 7:00pm with remarks at 7:30pm

Oeno Gallery is pleased to present Home and Native Land, an exhibition of masks, totem, sculpture and paintings created by contemporary Indigenous artists. Remarks and a poetic tribute to Anishinaabe artist Norval Morrisseau will be presented by Dr. Duke Redbird followed by music with artist and musician David R. Maracle. The artwork on display represents cultural forms and stories of Indigenous artists from the eastern Canadian Shield, interior BC, the Northwest coast and the Arctic.

The artists in this celebratory exhibition include: Norval Morrisseau (Anishinaabe); Arthur Shilling (Ojibwa); Abraham Anghik Ruben (Inuit), Lucassie Ikkidluak (Inuit); Randy Stijlitz and Janice Morin Stiglitz (Salish and Cree); Gerry Sheena (Salish); Emil Kewistep Thibert (Northwest Coast Metis of Saulteaux/Cree/French heritage) and Alison Kewistep Thibert (Kwagulth); and George Price (Kwakiutle, Haida).

Home and Native Land


  • Journey No 47
    Journey No 47 Rick Rivet $5,800
  • Journey No 19
    Journey No 19 Rick Rivet $5,200
  • Shaman's Message
    Shaman's Message Abraham Anghik Ruben Sold
  • Shaman
    Shaman Norval Morrisseau Sold
  • Born of Ice & Fire
    Born of Ice & Fire Abraham Anghik Ruben Sold
  • Fish with Eggs
    Fish with Eggs Norval Morrisseau Sold
  • Muskox
    Muskox Sold
  • Raven and Sun (Kwagulth)
    Raven and Sun (Kwagulth) Sold
  • The Ancestor
    The Ancestor Norval Morrisseau Sold
  • Cat's Cradle No 5
    Cat's Cradle No 5 Rick Rivet Sold
  • Kuviki with Bear Mask
    Kuviki with Bear Mask Randy And Janice Stiglitz Sold
  • Double-Headed Serpent, Sisuitl
    Double-Headed Serpent, Sisuitl George Price Sold
  • Bear and Eagle Mask
    Bear and Eagle Mask Gerry Sheena Sold
  • Untitled (Moose)
    Untitled (Moose) Norval Morrisseau Sold
  • Portrait
    Portrait Sold
  • Study for Shaman's Dream
    Study for Shaman's Dream Abraham Anghik Ruben Sold
  • Hunters Journey
    Hunters Journey Abraham Anghik Ruben Sold