4 February 2023 — 26 March 2023

‘Conversations’ is Oeno Gallery’s fascinating and exploratory look at an eclectic collection of artworks that share one critical thing—they ‘talk’. Whether they have multiple panels (polyptychs) or multiple elements, these works expressed in paint, paper, ink, glass, resin, ceramic and metal are having a ‘conversation.’ The ‘dialogue’ each artist creates explores the relationship between two or more elements and adds another layer of dimension to each piece. Ideas are exchanged through colour and form.

“The nature of my art is to resist words; a consequence of the basic premise of freedom of interpretation offered by abstract art, and my enduring belief in colour in painting as a language that can speak to mind, body and soul.” Milly Ristvedt 

Featured artists include Milly Ristvedt, Shayne Dark, Aron Hill, Benny Katz, Paula Murray, John Paul Robinson, Alice Teichert, Julia Reimer, Derya Ozparlak, Kevin Robb and Peter Hoffer. 

Come join the conversation.