Adam Cohen, Peter Hoffer, Jennifer Hornyak, Philippe Pallafray Opening reception Sat. May 4, 3 pm - 5 pm The curated selection of dynamic artwork in Oeno Gallery's exhibition Spring Repartee, will get people talking! Enjoy a visual conversation with work by sculptor Philippe Pallafray and painters Adam Cohen, Jennifer Hornyak and Peter Hoffer. In his geometric sculptures, Pallafray intersects rings of polished stainless steel, the edges patinated in hot pink, orange crush and more. His minimalist approach is paced, cool and echoed in the series title, Temps Zero or "timeless". American painter Adam Cohen boasts roots in abstract expressionism. Inspired by music and literature, Cohen merges this heroic mode with narrative. The colours and texture in Cohen's Heartscape, octane blue and hot orange echo those in Hornyak's brilliant new still life paintings. The exhibition wraps up with new couture paintings by Peter Hoffer. Hoffer explores the theatre of fashion through a reinterpreted runway: models are juxtaposed with collage and housed in plexiglass boxes.