Spring Fever: Oeno Gallery in The Royal Annex

11 March 2023 — 29 April 2023

As the sun crosses the celestial equator--that imaginary line in the sky above the earth tilts towards the northern hemisphere and the Spring Equinox (Latin for ‘equal night’) begins. Since ancient times spring has been considered a time of rebirth and renewal. Days grow longer. Sunshine brings warmth. Trees begin to leaf. Flowers blossom.  After a long winter, there is a restlessness—a fever sets in….a deep desire to revel in nature's awakening. Spring Fever. 

In celebration of the arrival of spring, Oeno Gallery presents ‘Spring Fever”—a fabulous collection of paintings by Pat Service, Fiona Ackerman and Jennifer Hornyak. All three artists have a history of expressing nature's glory in brilliant colour, form and pattern. Joining them are sculptors Phillipe Pallafray and Shayne Dark. Pallafray’s elegant, minimalist work juxtaposes the industrial and natural world. Dark’s Windfall Series of sculptures elevates the raw beauty of applewood burls collected from orchards in Prince Edward County.

"...Flowers bloom again here, on canvas, transformed by time, through interpretation and imagination. And in the spring, they will again be reborn just beyond your own doorsteps. A continuous cycle of reinvention." Fiona Ackerman