The Oeno Gallery summer exhibition, titled after Burton Kramer's lyrical hot pink and juicy orange Oasis No. 5, offers a revitalizing carouse. Selected works on exhibit include Paul Fournier's exotic Jammin' in the Aviary and an intensely atmospheric Kairoi No. 5 by Scott Pattinson. Enjoy rainbow-infused paintings by Aron Hill and graphic work by Charles Pachter. Dramatic shadows are cast by summer light through Ania Machudera's ringed wall sculptures. Additional works include Alice Teichert's poetic golden-orange painting Sungate, Peter Hoffer's emotive Untitled (Peach Sky), Etienne Labbe's chromogenic print Rose Sunset and more. Special to Oeno Gallery for the summer are the landscapes and collage paintings by Canadian artist Norman Takeuchi. We are pleased, also, to introduce the luminous photographic works by Ryan Van Der Hout.