Over 30 sculptures are included in this year's Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition, including new and exciting work by Mark Birksted, Shayne Dark, Floyd Elzinga, Don Frost, Ken Hall, W.W. Hung, Kip Jones, Rick Lapointe, Aurthur Manyengedzo, Terence McGlade, Charles Nembaware, Charles Pachter, Marc Palmondon, Susan Rankin, Marianne Reim, and P. Roch Smith. A special thank you to our incredibly dedicated sculpture garden team, for making this year possible. Join us on Saturday, July 16th at 5:00 pm to celebrate! Meet the artists and explore the garden. Grab dinner from Reggie's Mediterranean pop up stand and visit the winery for a glass of wine at Huff Estates. The evening's activities will include live music by David R. Maracle & The Medicine Wheel, as well as the lighting of Floyd Elzinga's, Fire Cone sculpture.