FUGITIVE COLOUR: Milly Ristvedt, A Survey of Paintings 1966-1990

9 September 2023 — 8 October 2023

Join us for the opening reception on September 9th, 3-5pm. Milly Ristvedt will be in attendance and artist remarks will be at 4pm.

 “Colour ….has a dual (and magical) identity as an elusive, optical sensation and physical, material substance that compels me to explore its expressive possibilities.”  Milly Ristvedt

For Milly Ristvedt, the artistic journey has always been about the power of colour. Brilliant, saturated colour. As an abstract painter, she is in the company of colour artists Matisse, Morris Louis, Helen Frankenthaler and Jack Bush.

By the early 1960’s, Milly Ristvedt was already using colour as a language.  Her exploration—the quest to find her own voice in her colour field work was both intuitive and boldly experimental. She understood that colour could express her emotions—'what’s going on’ in the world, the joy and the pain of life. Colour is elusive. Colour cannot be ‘contained’—it is a beautiful fugitive.

“Colour is the philosopher’s stone that for me represents hope in a time of great challenge for us all.”  Milly Ristvedt

This survey of paintings from both the artist’s private collection and estate holdings spans three decades from late 1966 to 1990. It is a remarkable collection that reveals the creative possibilities of colour to speak to mind, body and soul.

Oeno Gallery is proud and privileged to present ‘Fugitive Colour’ an exclusive exhibition of paintings from one of Canada’s finest abstract expressionists, a master colourist—Milly Ristvedt.

Featured photo from artist's studio, 'August Yellow Picture', 1977.