The Narrative of Objects

29 April 2023 — 22 May 2023

Please join us for ‘The Narrative of Objects’, featuring works by Dmitry Yuzefovich, Shani Mootoo, and Roch Smith. Explore the intimate and personal works of these three artists who share glimpses of their past through paintings, sculpture and photographs.

Opening Reception- Sat, April 29th begins at 4pm with artist remarks at 5pm. At 6pm, guests are invited to take photos and tour the Sculpture Garden in celebration of International Sculpture Day.

Artist talk- Sun, Apr 30 at 2pm- Dmitry Yuzefovich's realistic paintings reveal a poignant portrait of growing up in Ukraine. Yuzefovich creates impeccably detailed oil paintings that represent memories from his past. Learn about Yuzefovich's journey, artistic process, and his captivating new work. 

Objects—those material things we keep. Objects that evoke a memory. Objects of personal and sentimental value that sit on shelves or dressers or are hidden away in attic boxes or drawers. Objects that help tell our story become our keepsakes. The narrative of those treasured objects and the feelings they elicit is a universal sentiment. 

Dmitry Yuzefovich’s hauntingly beautiful paintings reveal a poignant portrait of growing up in the Ukraine. Objects found in his work are placeholders for fragments of memory—be it a well-lived room, a scribble on a wall, a child’s toy on the floor. Yuzefovich's impeccably detailed scenes represent memories from his lived experiences. 

For Shani Mootoo, many of her strikingly intimate photographs in her “History Revisited Series” capture a memory of her childhood home in Trinidad—a nostalgic image of that place, person, space—a moment in time. The objects in Mootoo’s photographs are never curated—they are real.

Roch Smith’s imaginative and playful sculptures recall cherished childhood memories. His treasured objects are toys—the creative concept of play now re-envisioned in an adult world. His art is thoughtful, symbolic and provocative.