Zero Gravity

1 April 2023 — 23 April 2023

To experience zero gravity is to float effortlessly, to be free from a stationary force. The expressive abstract work of Scott Pattinson, like zero gravity, is in continuous motion. Pattinson’s fluid and gestural forms appear almost weightless. His vivid colours exude emotional energy.

Alongside Pattinson are Marlene Hilton Moore’s bold and minimalist Singing Vessels. With their circular form and rich colours, these wall sculptures appear to float, drawing the viewer into another rhythm—one that goes round and round. The pace slows and the moment becomes meditative.

We are pleased to present the work of both artists in a dynamic exhibition—Zero Gravity at Oeno Gallery on Huff Estates.

Please join us in celebrating this new work, with both artists in attendance during opening day from 2-4 pm, April 1st.

“There is an urgent pace to the new work, with a more sustained energy, like a flood of expressions and a need to embrace the way emotions move and pass through us.” - Scott Pattinson