3 February 2024 — 31 March 2024

Oeno Gallery invites you to take a trip with us—a Colour Trip with this joyful and brilliantly colourful exhibition. 

Join us for the opening reception of Colour Trip on Saturday, February 3, 2024 from 2-4pm.

By mid- winter, as the sun hangs low in the sky and days are still short, many of us yearn to escape the seasonal blues. We crave sunlight, warmth and relief from the gray palette of winter—a return to a colourful world. Even the ancients understood the transformative power of colour and its influence on our emotions.

Take a ‘mental holiday' with some of our finest painters, sculptors, ceramicists, and glass artists whose work radiates with the vibrancy, playfulness and expression that only the visual language of colour can bring.

Discover artwork in a crayon box of colours like turquoise, fuchsia, marine green, yellow and peach creating a focal point or an accent in any room. 

“In my work, I aim to harness the positive influence of vivid colors. Each stroke represents a burst of energy and emotion, contributing to the overall joyfulness of the series.” Viktor Mitic