Air Prism

More Works By Adam Cohen Acrylic on Canvas 2021
36 × 48 in 91.44 × 121.92 cm
$10,500 USD

About Air Prism

Deep, rich colours--blues, purple and orange punctuated by a background of bright white add depth and energy to this painting by abstract artist, Adam Cohen.The New York-based artist is known for his method of applying paint in thick layers that he cuts through and moves with a pallet knife while the pigments are still wet. “You can look at them and keep seeing new things in them. They’re alive and they have this inexhaustible quality.” Adam CohenHe studied at Philadelphia’s Tyler School of Art and lived and painted in Rome for a year. After many successful years as an illustrator, he returned to his first love--painting. Adam Cohen lives and paints in the Catskills, NY. Cohen has exhibited extensively in the US, Europe, Asia and most recently in Amsterdam and Venice.
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