Secret Message

More Works By Adam Cohen Acrylic on Canvas 2023
36 × 48 in 91.44 × 121.92 cm
$10,000 USD

About Secret Message

American artist Adam Cohen has an extraordinary sense of colour. His lush, expressive abstract paintings explode with a vivid colour palette. This piece is rendered in blues, greens, pinks, orange, red, gray, yellow, white and black. One noticeable patch of white stands out amidst the thick layers of colour. Is this the secret message?

“The longer we look at them, and into them, the more we find. There is no end to the possibilities Cohen has opened up. Carter Ratcliff, art critic

He studied at Philadelphia’s Tyler School of Art and lived and painted in Rome for a year. After many successful years as an illustrator, he returned to his first love--painting. Adam Cohen lives and paints in the Catskills, NY. Cohen has exhibited extensively in the US, Europe, Asia and most recently in Amsterdam and Venice.