Green Circuit

More Works By Alexander Caldwell Painted Stainless Steel 2024
22 × 30 × 14 in 55.88 × 76.2 × 35.56 cm

About Green Circuit

This playful and minimalist bright green sculpture is by Alexander Caldwell. The Calgary-based artist forges contemporary sculptures from stainless steel—this piece is a fluid circuit of loops. Industrial paint is applied in layers to create a flawless glossy finish. The bold colour palette accentuates the dynamic form of this sculpture which almost appears to be in motion.

“Whether seeming to levitate against a wall or hover off a plinth, Caldwell’s sculptures become a skillful play on visual surprise and pleasure.” Winsor Gallery

Alexander Caldwell was born in Whitehorse, Yukon. He studied with Artist Katie Ohe at Alberta College of Art (now called The Alberta University of the Arts) graduating in 1985. He established Alexander Caldwell Design Ltd, in a warehouse that he converted into a studio and foundry. His work has been exhibited in Calgary, Miami, Chicago, Scotland, and Switzerland. It is widely collected in both private and private collections throughout Canada and internationally including the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Disney Tokyo, the W Hotel Korea, and Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts. Caldwell lives and works in Calgary.