Becoming 2 Alice Teichert

Acrylic on Canvas
40 × 20 inches
101.6 × 50.8 cm

Just like its counterpart, Becoming I, the energy of the oblong orb in Becoming II is viserally palpable as it rises and appears to unfold and extend outside of the canvas plane as it reaches the top. Housed in a rich cereulian blue the mass of energy is ever-so-slighty tethered to the bottom through the suggestive grounding of the orange line. Teichert's painterly line, like the smooth, continuous, oscillations of the sine wave, propagates throughout this series connecting each painting to a harmonious whole. Sometimes it undulates through the horizon line of the painting and at other times the sine is a glowing circular orb - the universe at a distance as though through a telescope.

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