Forte I

More Works By Alice Vander Vennen Mixed Media 2023
21 × 61 in 53.34 × 154.94 cm
21 × 61 in 53.34 × 154.94 cm

About Forte I

Enigmatic and engaging, Alice Vander Vennen’s contemporary compositions always tell a story. Created by hand, this intricately detailed mixed media piece is made from an eclectic assortment of ‘found’ objects—copper, wire, stones, grape vine, piano hammers, archival and new fabrics. Vander Vennen often uses the form of a canoe, as she does here to suggest life’s journey. ‘Forte means ‘something one excels at’ in English and ‘strong’ in French. May be hanged vertically or horizontally, singularly or as part of a handsome grouping. One of a series.

“The assembled sculptural form may be reminiscent of a quilt, a canoe or a totem.” Alice Vander Vennen

She trained as a sculptor at Calvin College, USA and at the Ontario College of Art and Design. Alice Vander Vennen’s work is in public, private and corporate collections both here and abroad.