Blood red sun with moon over 4 rocks

More Works By Aron Hill Canvas, Acrylic Ink, Collage, Thread 2024
64 × 60 in 162.56 × 152.4 cm

About Blood red sun with moon over 4 rocks

Bold contemporary form and striking bright colours define the unique artistic style of Aron Hill. The Calgary based artist often uses the sun and rocks as central images in their work that re-imagines the landscape. In this piece, the image of a blood red sun against a crest of bright yellow draws the eye. Above and below the sun ink black provides contrast. Four white figurative shapes—the rocks anchor the base of the work. The materials—canvas, acrylic ink, collage and thread add visual complexity and texture.

“Inspired by the devastating forest fires sweeping through Northern Alberta and beyond, with many Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities evacuated, the sun often appeared blood red due to the smoke-filled atmosphere. The rocks serve as both landmarks on the land and remnants of sacrificial altars for burnt offerings to the gods.” Aron Hill

Aron Hill obtained a BFA in Interdisciplinary Studies from the Alberta College of Art and Design and their MFA from Goldsmiths College, University of London in 2006. They have exhibited across Canada and in Dubai. Hill’s work is held in private and corporate collections.