The Painted Flag Charles Pachter

Acrylic on Canvas
24 × 18 inches
60.96 × 45.72 cm
Framed Size
25 × 19 inches
63.5 × 48.26 cm

Canadian contemporary artist Charles Pachter was just eighteen years old when Canada famously adopted the maple leaf as its national flag. As a tribute to his birthplace, the pop artist has painted it many times. In this piece, the flag is flying low on the pole suggesting ‘half-mast,’ a universal sign of respect for the passing of a socially important person. The image of the maple leaf is only partially visible as the wind has wrapped the flag around the pole. “My favourite Pachter work is his variations on the Canadian flag. If Monet can paint 250 versions of Water Lilies there’s no reason why Charles can’t do 100 different takes on a flag.” Leonard Wise, Art CriticPachter is a much-admired artistic polymath, his work merging playful even irreverent elements including colour with deeply iconic imagery. A painter, printmaker, sculptor, designer and author, Pachter is a graduate of the University of Toronto and the Sorbonne-Paris. Framed size is 25 x 19 inches.

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