Flourish II

More Works By Cheryl Wilson Smith Glass and Steel 2020
27 × 26 × 6 in 68.58 × 66.04 × 15.24 cm

About Flourish II

Like a glacial wave building before cresting, delicate layers of glass frit (ground glass) have been fired into a striking circular band in this sculpture by Cheryl Wilson-Smith. She explores themes of nature, culture, inheritance and time in work produced in her remote northern Ontario studio.

“Glass is a perfect medium to explore this thought of the passage of time as its own rich history has been passed down through the generations. It takes a great deal of time to master its fragility and strength.” Cheryl Wilson-Smith

She was the 2014 winner of the RBC Award for Glass through the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery. Wilson-Smith has received nine grants from the Ontario Arts Council and one from the Canada Council. Her work has been exhibited widely across Canada, in the UK and the US and is held in private and corporate collections.