Truth and Illusions

More Works By Cheryl Wilson Smith Glass 2018
10 × 21 × 2 in 25.4 × 53.34 × 5.08 cm

About Truth and Illusions

Recalling images of snow and ice, this modernist wall sculpture is by Cheryl Wilson Smith. The Canadian artist lives where the road ends in Northern Ontario surrounded by lakes, rocks and the boreal forest. It is this ruggedly beautiful landscape that informs and inspires her work. Each wafer-thin layer of warm white glass frit (ground glass) is hand-made, assembled and fired to create these uniquely beautiful pieces.

“My sculptures, the gossamer fine yet intrinsically strong structures become an active receptacle for interpretations of time and lasting memory. A place for quiet contemplation.” Cheryl Wilson Smith

She was the 2014 winner of the RBC Award for Glass through the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery. Wilson-Smith has received nine grants from the Ontario Arts Council and one from the Canada Council. Commissions include the Red Lake District Heritage Centre, Margaret Cochenor Memorial Hospital Donor wall. Her work has been exhibited widely across Canada, in the UK and the US.