Cutlery Box

More Works By Ciba Karisik Oil on Linen 2014
12 × 24 in 30.48 × 60.96 cm
13.5 × 25.5 in 34.29 × 64.77 cm

About Cutlery Box

The stature of an everyday item…an antique, well-worn box used for cutlery is elevated to fine art in this realistic oil painting by Ciba Karisik. Traces of blue paint mix with the golden tones of the wood and the palpable texture is enhanced by using linen as a canvas. Karisik’s still life paintings are designed to tell stories of humanity—what is remembered and what is lost.
“I would like the viewer to pause, consider, and behold timeless objects that keep our memories and communicate messages across time.” Ciba Karisik

In 1985, he completed a bachelor and master’s degree in painting at the Sarajevo Academy of Fine Art. In 1992, Karisik immigrated to Canada where he continued his career. Since then, he has produced a significant body of work and exhibited regularly in solo and group exhibitions. His paintings are held in international corporate and private collections including those of Brian Mulroney, Alex Trebek, Martin Short, Martha Stewart and U2’s Bono.