Calligraphy by Dale Dunning

20 × 11 × 15 inches
50.8 × 27.94 × 38.1 cm
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About the Work

Old metal type, welded together to form the head of this oversized bust, is cast in bronze and perched on a bronze pyramidal base. The title of the work, Calligraphy, refers to an ancient form of decorative handwriting. The artist commented on his work: "My sculptures are objects of reflection and contemplation. The head that I employ in most of my work is generic, non-specific, genderless, egg-like in form and intention. I look on them as a mirror which reflects back the observer's experience in new combinations and associations. The works are open ended with no didactic intent other than to see my new possibilities." Dunning holds a MFA (1971) from Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan. Dunning has exhibited across Canada and his work is held in a number of private, corporate and public collections including the Canada Council Art Bank, Carleton University and the Robert McLaughlin Gallery.

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