Kuro Koi AP

More Works By Dale Dunning Bronze 2014
26 × 18 × 9 in 66.04 × 45.72 × 22.86 cm

About Kuro Koi AP

Bronze cast mask, created by casting decorative escutcheons used in furniture at the turn the 19th century, and combining them into a mask that challenges both traditional ideas of tribal masks and popular stylized Japanese contemporary drawing styles. The shadows are an interesting aspect of the installation.

There are three other pieces in the series, cast in red, green, white and black.

Bronze sculptor Dale Dunning’s skilled craftsmanship never overshadows the story he wants to tell. Often he presents new ways of looking at the human face – sometimes as a mask, other times brimming with words and thoughts – and always compelling, sacred and narrative. He holds a MFA (1971) from Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan. Dunning has exhibited across Canada and his work is held in a number of corporate and national collections.

The work is created in an edition of 9 plus artist proof. This is the artist proof.

Dale Dunning has had a distinguished career as a sculptor. He holds an MFA from the Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan. He has studied under acclaimed artists such as Lawren Harris, David Sliverberg and George Tiesen. His work has been exhibited extensively across Canada, and is also held in a number of public collections. His work was recently featured in the periodical Diacritics, A Review of Contemporary Criticism, published by Johns Hopkins University. Dunning is represented by the Oeno Gallery.

This is the Artist's Proof. The mask will be cast in an edition of 7