Snakes & Letters

More Works By Dale Dunning Aluminum 2015
29 × 19 × 11 in 73.66 × 48.26 × 27.94 cm

About Snakes & Letters

Re-purposed Georgian scroll style decorative moldings are shaped into a large mask and cast in aluminum in this unique sculpture. The surface of the mask has an undulating quality reminiscent of the experience of playing Snakes and Ladders, after which the sculpture is humorously titled. In this board game, a player's piece repeatedly slides down and climbs up until the end. This active pattern is repeated by shadows cast behind the mask.

Dunning uses the motif of the head as a metaphor for human experience.

"My sculptures are objects of reflection and contemplation. The head that I employ in most of my work is generic, non-specific ... I look on them as a mirror which reflects back the observer's experience in new combinations and associations." ~ Dale Dunning