Diver No 1

More Works By Daniel Hughes Oil Painting 2023
48 × 12 in 121.92 × 30.48 cm

About Diver No 1

A diver caught as he’s jumping into the water is the dynamic subject of this new portrait by Daniel Hughes. The Canadian artist is known for his stunning, realistic paintings. In this piece the image of a man in swimming trunks is blurred, the details in his face obscured by his hand holding his nose. The overall effect gives the portrait a sense of motion. The colour palette is muted—grays, browns, a touch of blue accented by a soft green background.

“Figures just excited me. … It’s the hardest thing to do. Painting the figure is the biggest challenge.” Dan Hughes

After completing his MFA at New York Academy of Art in 1995, Hughes studied in Florence, Italy through the Ontario College of Art. Hughes received the Elizabeth Greenshields Award for Figurative Art in 1991 and 1995. He has had solo shows throughout Canada, England and the US, and was part of a prestigious group show at The National Portrait Gallery in London (2005).