More Works By Etienne Labbe Chromogenic Print 2013
48 × 48 in 121.92 × 121.92 cm

About Fiery

In glorious shades of pinks, blues and orange, Etienne Labbé has recorded a shot of the sky as the sun sets. His beautiful compositions experiment with the interaction between the camera, movement and time. This time lapse photograph was taken while the photographer was moving. Labbé’s large format chromogenic prints are on archival paper, mounted on dibond (an aluminum composite panel) and faced cleanly with Plexiglas. This print is available on demand within six weeks.

"I have been using my camera as a kind of paint brush, abstracting compositions from everyday landscapes. I am fascinated with the interaction between the camera, movement and time.” Etienne Labbé

Québec born Etienne Labbé trained as a molecular biologist in Montréal and Toronto. He has always been drawn to the photographic arts and now dedicates himself to this passion full time. Labbé has held numerous exhibitions in Toronto and here at the Oeno Gallery. His work is held in several private collections across Canada.