More Works By Etienne Labbe 2016
24 × 60 in 60.96 × 152.4 cm

About Shikaakwa

The soft tones of a cerulean sky reflected in pale waters. A sand shoreline stretches diagonally towards a dark horizon. This particular series is taken with a slow shutter speed, while the photographer is in motion.

Labbe's large format chromogenic prints are on archival paper, mounted on dibond (an aluminum composite panel) and faced cleanly with plexiglas. A stainless steel channel is mounted to the work on the back for easy installation. Each print is unique. Labbe only makes 3 variations (cropped in different proportion) from each photograph.

Québec born Etienne Labbé trained as a molecular biologist in Montréal and Toronto. As an artist he has worked in several mediums – sculpture, watercolour, mixed media and photography. His work consists of rapidly shifting explorations of scale, colour, light and mood. Movement is used as a creative and transformative force by which ordinary landscapes are altered. Labbé’s work is held in several private collections across Canada.