Wires Floating V2

More Works By Etienne Labbe Chromogenic Print 2011
24 × 48 in 60.96 × 121.92 cm

About Wires Floating V2

An angled swath of black, burnt umber and gold below a sky streaked with azure, dark and light blues is imprinted with two straight dark lines. This abstracted landscape, captured using time lapse photography while the photographer was in motion, appears to include two power wires captured from a moving vehicle.

Labbe's large format photos are printed on archival paper, mounted on dibond (an aluminum composite panel) and faced cleanly with plexiglass. A stainless steel channel is mounted to the work on the back for easy installation. Each print is unique. Labbe only makes 3 variations (cropped in different proportion) from each photograph. This is the second variation of this particular image. Québec born Etienne Labbé trained as a molecular biologist in Montréal and Toronto. As an artist he has worked in several mediums – sculpture, watercolour, mixed media and photography. His work consists of rapidly shifting explorations of scale, colour, light and mood. Movement is used as a creative and transformative force by which ordinary landscapes are altered. Labbé’s work is held in several private collections across Canada.