Book of Changes 2 Fiona Ackerman

Acrylic on Canvas
48 × 72 inches
121.92 × 182.88 cm

Vancouver artist, Fiona Ackerman strays from botanical-themed compositions to explore the concepts of philosophy in this new abstract acrylic piece, one of two. Her colourful palette has given way to shades of gray punctuated with bright white and jet black. The ‘Book of Changes’ or the ‘I-Ching’ is a one-thousand-year-old Chinese book of divination often referred to in western culture for its philosophy of life. “Rooted in abstraction, I want to push my work in divergent directions, to surprise myself and keep the possibilities for my painting wide open. Working in series, I develop a stylistic language specific to the mood or conceptual objectives I'm working on.” Fiona Ackerman Originally from Montreal, Fiona Ackerman studied painting at Concordia University and completed a BFA at the Emily Carr University of Art and Design in 2002. She has held more than 20 solo exhibitions internationally. Fiona’s studio practice extends beyond painting to include several large-scale murals, video and other public art projects. In her free time, she writes and records music and videos, often working with other musicians. She currently lives and works in Vancouver BC

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