More Works By Fiona Ackerman Acrylic on Canvas 2023
48 × 48 in 121.92 × 121.92 cm
49 × 49 in 124.46 × 124.46 cm

About Yes

Fiona Ackerman is known for creating uniquely colourful, contemporary paintings that often blur the lines between different genres. This acrylic composition features a variety of images including ‘YES ‘in bold black letters, a line drawing of a house, a beachy fringed tapestry, and an open door that offers a country view. Rendered in pastoral colours—pale pink, sky blue, yellow, soft gray, sandy beige, black and wood grain for contrast.

“I'm often asked what kind of painter I am. Figurative, abstract, small, large, digital, botanical, surrealist, mural... I just say yes to all of it.” Fiona Ackerman

Fiona Ackerman was born in Montreal, studied painting at Concordia University and completed a BFA at the Emily Carr University of Art and Design in 2002. She has held more than 20 solo exhibitions internationally. Fiona’s studio practice extends beyond painting to include several large-scale murals and other public art projects. In her free time, she writes and records music and videos, often working with other musicians. She currently lives and works in Vancouver BC.