Spirit Bay

More Works By Floyd Elzinga Coated Stainless Steel 2021
20 × 50 × 2 in 50.8 × 127 × 5.08 cm

About Spirit Bay

Like the iridescent light of a silvery sea, the polished surface of this steel wall sculpture just glows. Canadian artist Floyd Elzinga finds inspiration for his work in the natural world. He masterfully combines iconic imagery from the landscape with pop art to create fun and inspired pieces.

“Polishing, burnishing, sanding, grinding, rusting and heat treatment are some of the ways that I use steel to determine the colour palette, create textures and produce the illusion of depth through the reflection of light. Steel paintings are the result.” Floyd Elzinga
His work is held in collections across Ontario and in the US. Elzinga received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design in Halifax, NS.