Barcelona Bay 2 6/12 by Francine Simonin

Drypoint, Etching and Collage
47 × 31.5 inches
119.38 × 80.01 cm
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About the Work

A collage of large strips of fine black, ivory and light brown paper is pressed into a white ground making a smooth surface. Onto this, the artist has printed a scaffolding of drypoint and etched vertical and horizontal lines and areas in silver ink. Each print in this series is unique in that each ground is made in a different collage and the burr made from the drypoint technique -- the metal that lines the edge of each incised groove in the plate -- erodes and softens with each pull. Simonin typically creates only short editions of unique prints. Francine Simonin has worked extensively on paper -- printmaking and collage -- but also canvas during her long, successful career that began in the 1950s.

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